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Water detective 3-multi parameter spectral water quality detector

There are many water quality detection pens that can detect TDS value, but there are only "water detectives" that can measure COD and TOC indicators at the same time. Main features

  • The latest spectral detection technology of bit atom is adopted, and the performance is comprehensively upgraded. Unprecedented accuracy, stability and reliability, winning all competitive products in the market.
  • Tens of thousands of experimental data, more accurate detection results. Laboratory engineers have analyzed, debugged and skillfully polished more than 1.5 million test data for 5 years.
  • Comprehensive indicators, mobile Internet. There are up to 6 water quality indexes to judge the water quality in an all-round way. Applet connection, mobile phone to view and share water quality, cloud recorded data and analysis data.
  • Focus on clean drinking water, and the price is close to the people. Increase the measurement range and the value for money price.
Real time fast Global exclusive Robust performance Intelligent IOT
  • Millisecond response speed, extremely high computing power, second results;
  • Automatic data synchronization and real-time control of water quality.
  • The only detector that can accurately and real-time monitor 6 water quality parameters
  • Global patent, global marketing
  • High precision: one millionth of ultra-high resolution;
  • Strong stability: multiple tests, the data results are highly consistent.
  • Water quality grade, automatic scoring
  • Cloud data and storage records

Detailed description of test parameters:

  • TOC (total organic carbon): bacterial virus microbial humus chemical pesticide toxic substance
  • COD (chemical oxygen demand): organic matter nitrite sulfide ferrous salt
  • TDS (total dissolved solids): calcium chloride sodium chloride magnesium sulfate potassium nitrate
  • UV254 (ultraviolet absorbance): it reflects the content of humus macromolecular organic compounds and aromatic compounds
  • TEM (water temperature): the degree of cooling and heating of water
  • EC (conductivity): the ability of a solution to conduct current

Technical parameters:

  • Test indicators: TOC, COD, TDS, UV254, conductivity and temperature
  • Wechat applet operation detection
  • Six parameter applet display
  • Bluetooth ble5 0
  • 量程: TOC:0.1-20mg/L COD:0.1-20mg/L TDS:1-2000ppm EC:1-4000 us/cm UV254:0.0001-1 au/cm TEM:0-100℃
  • Waterproof level: IP 66 (probe part)
  • Power supply: AAA (7#) replaceable battery



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