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Technical Team

The company’s R&D team is composed of many experts in the fields of physics and electronics, computers, analytical chemistry, metrology chemistry, and microelectronics with doctoral degrees. The core team comes from the national key laboratories of spectroscopy and big data, and has published many breakthroughs in international journals. In the early days of its establishment, the company received strong support from listed companies and industrial capital, and has launched a number of products for its partners.

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About Water Detective

Water Detective is a brand of spectral multi-parameter water quality detector under Shenzhen Bit Atom Technology Co., Ltd., and its English name is Water Detective. The brand mainly adopts the miniaturization, lightweight and low cost of large-scale professional testing equipment, and the detection of three indicators of organic chemical indicators: TOC (total organic carbon), COD (oxygen consumption) and TDS (total dissolved solids), Achieve rapid determination of the degree of pollution of organic matter to water quality and dissolved solids content, help analyze the content of microorganisms, humus, chemical pesticides, minerals and other organic and inorganic matter in the water body, which can more comprehensively reflect the degree of water pollution and solve the problem of civil water quality inspection and inspection Professional organizations have long cycles, expensive professional equipment, and other pain points that cannot detect water quality in real time. They are widely used in water quality analysis related to municipal tap water quality testing, various drinking well water quality testing, domestic drinking water quality treatment effect testing, and community Scenario areas such as secondary water supply water quality monitoring, water purification equipment filtration effect monitoring, bottled water quality testing, and aquaculture fish tank water quality testing.

The Future Of Creation For People

Create&Change The Future

Micro-opto-electro mechanical sensing system








environmental exploration monitoring

Our solutions for gas, water quality, radioactive substances, light pollution detection in daily living and working special environment, make people's work and life more secure.