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WaterDetective is a brand of spectral multi-parameter water quality detector under Shenzhen AtomBit Technology Co., Ltd. It is a easy use smart device with a low cost and comparable detection precision compared to large-scale professional lab-used equipment. With the help of WaterDetective you can detect multi water quality parameters and figure out the organic pollution of water with a relatively high precision.
In daily life people usually can not detect the water quality easily suffering long lab detection cycle and expensive and professional equipment. Things are changing by WaterDetective, it is widely used in fields related to water quality analysis civil water quality detection, such as tap water、Purified water,bottled water, aquarium fish tank water and other scenarios. The detection principle of water detective is to infer the molecular structure of water and judge the content of organic matter in water through micro spectral sensing technology. In a chemical sense, the more organic matters such as organic bacteria, microorganisms, humus, organic pesticides and viruses, the higher the organic parameters TOC and COD; The measurement principle of TDS is by measuring the conductivity of water. In a physical sense, the more dissolved substances in water, the greater the TDS value of water.



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